Maxine Waters Demands Trump Be Removed

Never having been accused of being the voice of reason, Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters continued to live up to her nefarious reputation by calling for President Donald Trump’s removal.

“Is there one brave member of Trump’s cabinet who would move to initiate the 25th amendment to remove him from office?” Waters asked on Twitter. “Now is the time to save our country before this would-be dictator takes us all down!”

Waters continued her rant by calling Trump a dictator a second time.

“Trump brought in the FBI, Homeland Security, Natl Guard, active duty military troops, & helicopters to use against our citizens & our young people protesting against the killing of unarmed people of color. He is amassing the power of a dictator. Stop him! Join the resistance!”

To read more about Water’s absurd rant, click here.

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