Limbaugh: The Left Is Finished With The Constitution And Must Be Defeated

While Democrats used to nominally show appreciation for the Constitution and the principles espoused within those words, the radical left has now hijacked the party and openly admits the days of respect for that hallowed document are over.

But Rush Limbaugh doesn’t want America or President Donald Trump to go down without a fight.

“The objective right now is simple,” said Limbaugh, “It is to defeat the forces that are arrayed against us out there that are attempting to overthrow the Trump administration and continue this coup and to rip to shreds the Constitution.”

Limbaugh was rebutting the recent criticism from former defense secretary, Gen. James Mattis, claiming Trump is not trying to unify the country.

“We are in a battle for the future of America, as founded. There’s always gonna be an America. What kind it’s gonna be is the question. Unify? With who? Unify with what?” Limbaugh asked.

I’m gonna tell you, Donald Trump wanted to unify. He wanted everybody to come together after he was elected. I talked to him about it. I’m the one who told him it would never happen. (I was one of many.) They’re not interested in getting along with Trump. They’re not interested in co-managing or having a participatory existence with Trump as president.

They’re not interested in a roaring economy. They’re not interested in capitalism doing great things for the vast majority of people. They’re not interested in that. The idea that somehow unity is possible? Unity is possible only if our side caves.

And then what you have then is not unity; you have defeat. How can these guys not see this?

To learn more about Limbaugh’s rebuttal, click here.

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