Liberals Are Pushing Conspiracies About Ivanka’s New Haircut

The delusional liberal media is now pushing CONSPIRACY THEORIES about why Ivanka Trump decided to change her hairstyle recently. They’re even going so far as to claim that her new hairstyle is a subliminal message that is intended to help her father win the 2020 presidential election.

For instance, the now infamous liberal publication The Daily Beast wrote:

“[Ivanka’s haircut] could be an optics ploy to communicate control in a derailed administration. After all, as a colleague noted, this is the efficient hairstyle of a suburb-dwelling, multi-tasking working mother…”

Arwa Mahdawi, who is a columnist at The Guardian even claimed that people should be “afraid” of Ivanka’s hair because it might mean she has more political ambitions:

“Be very afraid: Trump’s new do may well signify that she has ramped up her political ambitions.”

You can read some of the crazy liberal articles yourself here. I think you’ll agree that they are COMPLETELY out of control.

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