Tucker Carlson: The Left’s ‘Russia Collusion Hoax’ Actually Helped China…and Russia

Tucker Carlson isn’t known for being subtle when it comes to his rants, but his recent argument against the lefts propagation of the Russia Collusion conspiracy against President Donald Trump is one for the record books.

The beauty of the Russia fable was that it allowed … our ruling class to ignore the huge number of actual problems the United States faced, problems that in many cases they caused, or at the very least failed to solve,” said Carlson.”

“The drug addiction crisis that has killed tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands over time. The border that is essentially open. A disappearing middle class, the core of our country. The rise of China, and then, of course, any number of counterproductive foreign wars that should have ended long ago.”

Then Carlson argued that the fascination with the Russia conspiracy gave room for China to grow unobserved.

“For three years, nobody in Washington talked about any of this,” Carlson said. “In fact, failing to worry about Russia exclusively invited suspicion on you.”

Carlson continued, “While our leaders in Washington wasted literally years accusing each other of working for [Vladimir] Putin, China grew more powerful.”

To read more of Carlson’s comments, click here.

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