Lara Trump: Joe Biden Is a ‘Trojan Horse’ For The Radical Leftist Agenda

Joe Biden has attempted to position himself as the centric moderate America wants. But that story isn’t believable to Lara Trump.

The President’s daughter is adamant that the notion of a moderate Biden is a dangerous illusion. “People know who Joe Biden is, but they don’t know about Joe Biden,” said Lara Trump.

They don’t know what policies he’s stood for throughout the tenure he’s had in Washington, DC as a career politician. What we have found from our own internal numbers is that when you define who Joe Biden is and you talk about all of the things he’s done throughout his career, he becomes a much more unlikable candidate to people.

Trump then highlighted Biden’s past “coziness” with China. “Defining our opponent and talking about who Joe Biden is [includes] talking about his cozy past with communist China, [and] talking about the fact that he supported the Clinton crime bill, which disproportionately incarcerated young black men in this country,” said Trump.

But then Trump dropped the bombshell. “[We need] to talk about Joe Biden and make sure that people know who this guy is. He’s not just this kind of feeble old man. If he became president, and we have to impress this upon people, he would be beholden to the very far-left radical folks in that party,” said Trump.

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