Kamala Harris Refuses To Answer Questions About Court Packing

It’s one of the most controversial topics in this years election. Court packing. The issue is whether a political party should unilaterally increase the number of justices on the Supreme Court in order to then be able to nominate the justices and gain a powerful majority.

The issue has come up before and it is front and center again in this white hot election year.

So why would Kamala Harris refuse to answer a simple question on the issue in last night’s vice presidential debate?

When asked by Pence if she and Biden would “pack the court,” Harris refused to respond.

When Pence asked again, “Harris fired back, mum on the issue of court packing, but saying that the ‘American people deserve to make the decision’ of ‘who will serve for a lifetime,”” reported Fox News.

To read more about the Pence/Harris debate, click here.

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