Kamala Harris Drops 13% In Latest Poll

Bad News for Senator Kamala Harris. Even though she tried pander to Democrats by obnoxiously trying to destroy Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s career – she still can’t win over enough Democrats to help her in the polls.

A recent poll conducted by Focus on Rural America shows that Kamala Harris has dropped an astounding 13% since the month of July.

Fox News reports:

“The California senator stands at 5 percent support in Iowa in a survey commissioned by the progressive organization Focus on Rural America. That’s down 13 percentage points from her 18 percent support in the group’s previous poll, which was conducted in July.”

This is HUGE. A massive drop like this means that it’s extremely unlikely Harris will be the elected candidate to challenge Trump in 2016.  This is good news for Trump, because it means he could possibly face an even weaker challenger like Biden, Warren, or Sanders.

You can read the news yourself here.

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