Judge Jeanine: Mitt Romney should ‘get the hell out of the United States Senate’

Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro is out of patience with Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT). During Pirro’s Saturday show, she didn’t hold back in instructing Romney that it’s time for him to resign from the Senate. 

After Senator Romney’s shocking decision to cross the aisle to vote for the conviction of Trump on the abuse of power impeachment article, the GOP establishment exploded with criticism.

As the sole Republican to vote against acquittal, Romney has been accused of being a traitor, closet Democrat, and a coward, — among other things — by the Twitter-verse and GOP commentators.

Judge Jeanine didn’t hesitate to join the chorus of scorn for Romney, highlighting the fact the Romney is the first US Senator to vote against a president in his own party, exclaiming, “How dare he! How could he? And why would he?”

Pirro blasted Romney’s justification for his vote to convict, saying that he brought up his religious principles as an excuse for his “phony” attempt to win over the “Trump-hating left.”

“Your jealousy of this man [Trump] is a constant rage burning within you because you can never rise to the heights that he has. Because guys like you fold like wusses and you don’t have any selflessness or the ability to think about others, as Donald Trump has thought about making America first,” Pirro declared.

“How about you get the hell out of the United States Senate? The people in Utah are furious with you, and your dream of endearing yourself to the Trump-hating left is a joke.”

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