Joe Biden’s New Video Ad Gets Blasted For Lying About Identity

Joe Biden wants America to see him as the answer to their financial woes so he put out a video showing a man identified as a “struggling” bar owner whose business is allegedly faltering due to President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response.

But there’s a huge problem.

The man, Joe Malcoun, has already been previously identified as an “angel investor,” a mega-wealthy investor who helps startup businesses.

Breitbart News exploded the story from a 2018 interview, “Malcoun explains how he received a large inheritance from his wife’s grandfather nearly ten years ago. Malcoun said the inheritance was like “winning the lottery,” and he used that money to become a well-known ‘angel investor’ in Michigan.”

Well, that’s gotta be awkward for Biden. His puppet isn’t a small-time, struggling business owner at all.

How can Joe Biden run the country when he can’t run a simple ad accurately? Either Biden can’t do a simple advertisement or he’s more than willing to deceive the American people into voting based on a known falsehood.

Either way, it’s a problem Biden has to deal with because it’s in the open now.

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