Joe Biden Refuses To Condemn Rioters Or Defund The Police Effort

Presidential candidate Joe Biden just showed America who he really is.

In a time when looters and violent protesters are destroying the nation’s infrastructure, it might be considered a simple tactic to call for law and order to show one’s adherence to the constitution and social peace. But this is 2020 and the Democrats are not what they once were.

But Biden isn’t going to stay silent without getting called out for it. Steve Scalise blasted Biden for refusing to condemn these lawless acts.

“Joe Biden has never spoken out about those people by the way, the people that are burning cities to the ground,” Scalise told Breitbart News. “He’s not speaking out against that. He’s not speaking out against communities that are defunding the police and seeing worse crime than they’ve ever seen before. Oh, and by the way, people leaving in droves, leaving those major cities because they’re destroying the community and the fabric of those societies. Law and order is a big deal, and it’s going to be a deal in this election.”

To read more about Biden’s refusal to address the nation’s lawlessness, click here.

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