Joe Biden Gets Bad News About The Vote For His HHS Nomination

Joe Biden’s choice for Health and Human Services Secretary is getting massive pushback from pro-life advocates.

“More than 40 national pro-life leaders are calling upon the U.S. Senate to vote ‘no’ on Joe Biden’s choice of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra,” report Breitbart News.

A letter, signed by pro-life leaders and drafted by Students for Life Action, was delivered to the United State Senate on Monday.

The letter states:

Mr. Becerra has consistently used the power of his office to attack people who think differently than him and to advance the interests of the abortion lobby when he had the authority to do so. We the undersigned have grave concerns about how he would use the power of the nation’s healthcare systems to advance his preference for abortion and express his disregard for people of faith by forcing support, payment, and compliance with policies that he prefers.

Biden and his ilk are unsurprisingly the most anti-life administration in history. It will take the prayers of our nation and a strong fighters in the Senate and House to push back against such a murderous regime.

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