Joe Biden Deletes The Most Important Part Of Easter

President Joe Biden gave a message this Sunday.

He talked about vaccines and politics but he left something else out. Jesus.

That’s right, the President of the United States didn’t even mention the name of Jesus during his “Easter” message to the nation.

So while Joe did use the special holy day to urge Americans to get a vaccination, he failed to mention the resurrection or person who in fact did resurrect.

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18 Responses

  1. I hate to say this bud Joe and Jill Biden including his entire family have committed fraud, corruption, and Jill committed the worst crime by cheating on her first husband when she got involved with Joe. As far as I am concerned the entire Biden family are nothing more than trash!

  2. He better repent while there is time and hope for him. He can lie to man that he is a catholic, but without Jesus , he is going straight to——-when his life is ended on earth.

  3. Biden may claim to be Catholic but the reality is that he is a Catholic in Name Only (CINO). It’s jerks like Biden that give rise to outsiders painting all the other members of his demographic groups with the same brush.

  4. You liberal radicals voted for him. He claims to be Catholic but supports abortion. If he is Catholic, then he doesn’t have the values or morals of the Catholics. He and his groupies don’t believe in Christ…he believes in power and destroying America in any way he can. Better get used to it. No love for America or God or “good” values…only money and power and corruption…those are his values and means to get them. He is in the pocket of the “Communist”` Chinese and no one seems to want to connect the dots. And, what happened to the investigation into his son’s corruption? It has just disappeared…how convenient. Bidens, Clintons, Obamas all above the law. This, too, need to be addressed!

  5. Actions not words define what kind of a man he is. He is a pagan by letting unborn there right to life. This man by actions is a pagan nothing more nothing less at least the Aztecs had a alter to slaughter there babies to there gods he does it in the cold hall of planned parenthood. It is quiet of silence where they are killed. Not ever to be allowed to live very satanic.

  6. So reprobate from God’s Word! He can’t even admit that there again that is the True Meaning of the Season, a time of huge sacrifice for all of us as well as himself. Limbo is an awful place or be in our final days.

  7. He’s a Fairweather Catholic.
    Just like this site, they only identify blogs to their liking and that fits their narrative and by their perspective. My way or the

  8. Biden is a globalist and may as well be confirmed a a godless communist, he certainly doesn’t practice Catholicism or leans toward pro life…His proclivity for your inalienable rights is none and would be appointed president for life if he could swing it…..He and Barry Treason are still working together to undermine this Representative Republic and we are fighting to kick them both out of office and into a prison cell where they belong…

  9. Why can’t they check the voting machines to see if rig? Can’t be that many ppl that voted for this mess!!!! I’m not voting anymore until they investagate this mess. My vote doesn’t count cuz i vote for honest people, when i can.

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