James Comey Wears Shirt That Says ‘Elect More Women.’ Hillary Was Not Amused.

In a recent social media post, James Comey implied he was sad that more women were not elected to office and said “We need more women in office.”

Hillary Clinton was not having it.

She tweeted a response including her own face of disappointment. And truly, Hillary Clinton was not a great option for President, but it still hilarious to see Comey getting busted on a national stage.

“A lot of us tried. You f—ed it up. But the tee shirt definitely makes up for it,” said Clinton aide, Nick Merrill.

“In 2016, Comey famously reopened the Clinton email investigation just days before the election” reports Fox News. “The former secretary of state has been outspoken with her criticism toward Comey, repeatedly suggesting that his decision to publicly revive the FBI’s probe turned the election in favor of Donald Trump.”

To read more about Hillary’s disdain with Comey, click here.

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