James Carville Baits Nation With Trump Treason Distraction

Liberal pundit James Carville is lobbing hail mary’s at the four people left in the world who still consider him knowledgeable and relevant.

His latest desperate attempt for attention is claiming Donald Trump may be guilty of treason based on recent allegations surrounding Russia’s bounties on heads of American troops.

Carville purports to know the Constitution and make a case with a long litany of if, if, if, if, if, then maybe there’s treason.

That’s solid analysis, James.

“If the reporting is right and he knew about it, and he invited Putin to the G7, all right, there is a case to make that this violates the treason provision in Article III of the United States Constitution, and people have to start reading Article III. Read what the definition of treason is,” Carville said as if he’s the only person to have read more than two articles in the Nation’s founding document.

Carville closed his comments with a very telling I’m-not-even-sure-I-believe-it conclusion. How brave. “I’m not saying that he did it,” said Carville. “The Intelligence Committee has to call these people in and ascertain if this is right because if this is right, we could have this instance. So, we need answers.”

More if’s stacked on maybe’s stack on guesses stacked on speculation. But soon, the headlines will ask whether Trump committed treason. Mark my words.

To read more of Carville’s barely logical comments, click here.

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