Impeachment Was BAD For Democrats, Says Liberal TV Host

Bill Maher just did a full reversal on the liberal talking points about President Trump’s impeachment.

And the Democrats must be furious.

Impeachment turned out to be a horrible thing. If I knew what I knew now … [T]he impeachment, I mean, if I could do it over again, I wouldn’t,” said Maher.

To be clear, Maher wasn’t talking about Trump’s innocence and he is no fan of the President. But he believes impeachment was a strategically poor choice by the Democrats.

Maher specifically made the point that the President didn’t suffer enough because of the impeachment because the coronavirus took over the news cycle. While Maher is an unashamed liberal elite – who sometimes pretends to moonlight as a moderate or libertarian – it’s clear he isn’t backtracking from the real story of the impeachment. And that is that the democrats used smoke and mirror propaganda to attack a sitting President.

To read all of Maher’s comments, click here.

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