Ilhan Omar Is Reportedly Having An Affair

An explosive new report by the Daily Mail reveals that Rep. Ilhan Omar from Minnesota is having an affair with her campaign manager. The affair reportedly involves a married man. And there are photographs.

According to the Daily Mail:

“Ilhan Omar’s brazen double life involving secret hookups, romantic vacations and talk of marriage to her DC strategist lover is today laid bare after an exclusive investigation.”

The report states that Omar is having an affair with campaign strategist Tim Mynett, who is 38 years old. Both Omar and Mynett are reportedly in the middle of messy divorces with their previous spouses, but yet still seem to be involved in a relationship that may involve marriage.

“ can now disclose that Omar and Mynett are not only dating, but living together ‘on and off’ at a secret DC apartment, while plotting romantic vacations to Jamaica and making plans for a long-term future together.”

You can read the full report yourself here.

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