House passes major spending bill to avert government shutdown

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spent much of the last year attempting to block Trump’s every move when it comes to Border Security, she shocked the nation by breaking down and allowing a new spending bill that includes border wall funding to move forward to a House vote on Tuesday. 

A stop-gap spending bill was passed in November, ensuring that the government remained running up until Christmas. The short-term solution allowed lawmakers just over a month to approve a full spending bill to avert a massive government shutdown.

Now, with the Dec. 20th deadline looming, the House has voted to pass a $1.4 trillion spending bill that includes $1.375 billion in funding for Trump’s border wall, albeit with some conditions on where he constructs the wall.

This is a relatively small sum compared to the more than $5 billion that Trump requested for additional border wall construction, but it is a small victory nonetheless. With House Democrats preoccupied with impeachment, blocking Trump’s border wall suddenly isn’t such a pressing need.

The real victory lies in the fine print of the bill. The Hill reported that “two sources confirmed that the spending deal maintains Trump’s ability to transfer additional money to the border wall.” This means that although the House will not vote to directly to fully fund Trump’s border security efforts, he will have the ability to divert funds from other areas such as the military towards funding the wall.

Although some House Democrats have voiced their concerns about the homeland security portion of the bill, the House passed the bill on Tuesday, and the Senate is scheduled to vote on the bill later this week.

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