Hillary Wants President Trump Jailed

This is ridiculous. In spite of the fact that Hillary Clinton has committed more crimes than perhaps any Democrat in history, she is just PRAYING that Donald Trump goes to jail over the fake Ukraine “scandal” that nobody except Democrats seem to care about.

On the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert pushed for Hillary to call for Donald Trump to be “locked up” over Trump’s call to Ukraine:

“We learned about the Trump-Ukraine call, the private server. Is it time to, dare I say, lock him up? What do you make of it?”

Of course, Hillary Clinton DIED laughing at the prospect of Donald Trump being locked up over a fake crime that SHE actually committed. And the entire audience roared with chants of: “Lock him up.”

This is a perfect example of who Hillary Clinton is as a person. She is absolutely willing to watch our country suffer because she has so much hate in her heart for our president. What a disgrace.

You can watch Hillary Clinton’s response here.

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