Here’s Why Obama Has Negative Feelings Toward America

Conservative commentator Shelby Steele, a black man of boldness and brilliance, is speaking out about the truth behind Barack Obama.

In a recent interview, Steele noted that Obama felt pressure to “take on a negative attitude” toward America.

“It makes me sad,” said Steele. “I have never been a fan of Mr. Obama, but this is really, really disappointing. This makes a point: Obama feels a pressure — many Blacks do, we all do, really — that if you don’t really take on a negative attitude toward America, you are somehow inauthentic as a Black person.”

“So, we as Blacks suffer from might be called the angst of inauthenticity,” said Steele. “And so we do as what you just mention Obama — to identify with victimization as the deep and profound truth of who we are. I can’t imagine a sadder statement. Can you imagine Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, other great leaders saying something like that?”

To read more about Steele’s statement, click here.

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