Governor Gavin Newsom Pulls Out Of Democrat Convention

Citing problems in his home state, California Governor has excused himself from speaking at the Democrat National Convention.

“The segment that was originally planned didn’t make sense given the growth and severity of the state’s devastating wildfires,” said a spokesperson for Governor Newsom’s office. “We’re evaluating options while the Governor prioritizes the emergency response.”

The growing wildfires in California are the primary reason for the sudden change.

“More than two dozen major fires were scorching California on Thursday and taxing the state’s firefighting capacity, sparked by an unprecedented lightning siege that dropped nearly 11,000 strikes over several days,” reports Breitbart News. “The fires have destroyed 175 structures, including homes, and are threatening 50,000 more.”

To read more about the fires in California and Gov. Newsom pulling out, click here.

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