Gov. Kemp Exposes Democrat Election Scheme

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is exposing the Democrats huge lie about the current election bill in his home state.

“That’s outrageous, what people are saying,” said Gov. Kemp about the Democrats’s election propaganda. “The political groups and others, non-profits, whoever can still do that, if they’re outside the 150-foot buffer around the polling location or 25 feet from the end of the line. So it’s not like you still can’t do those things. We’re just trying to keep voters from being harassed and electioneered while they’re standing in line, preparing to vote. We’ve had laws like that and most states have around the country for years. But as you know, hypocrisy is running rampant right now.

The Democrats are arguing that the bill is meant to increase voter suppression, but the reality is that the “bill makes it easy to vote and hard to cheat,” said the Governor.

Kemp then called out President Joe Biden for a lie so obvious even the Washington Post had to admit it:

I heard you mention that President Biden got four Pinocchio’s from The Washington Post, which is incredible because they’re absolutely right. What he was saying is not true. And even more hypocrisy was Stacey Abrams celebrating New Jersey expanding the nine days of early voting when her own state of Georgia has 17. And we just added more opportunities on the weekend. So they’re being mis-truthful about what the bill does.

Too read more about Kemp’s comments, click here.

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11 Responses

  1. I am plain outraged of the EVIL we all have to live with “VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS” and “VIOLATION OF NUREMBERG CODE” (experiment Covid injections/mandate and now “VOTING RIGHTS”. It is not just Biden it is the Cabal who tells him what to do and what to say – is that a president???? Even our Allies know it and that includes our enemies. We are NO longer the America, we are “THE JOKE”. It is to bad that “THE IGNORANT” people in this country can’t stand up for their rights and THE FREEDOM – our Constitution. Constitution is NOT FREE and NEVER WAS you have to defend it and fight for it. Don’t just say “well, what am I going to do?” that is ignorant. By being a sheep you are sending a message “I OBEY” that is communism. Is that what you want???????????????

    1. Me too! I think it is time for the person that can stop this to get it going.l These children are breaking hearts and their parents should be punished to send them this far, alone, not knowing what is going here!

  2. Something should have been done long ago. Supreme court should have done their job- Thank you Roberts

  3. Governor Kemp these people do not know how to read. Don’t give up, don’t give in. Your neighbors in Alabama will support you.

    1. I agree totally with Betty of Georgia. The damocrats are doing their best to destroy our great U.S.A. There will be elections next year. Make sure there are poll watchers and that our citizens can vote. I saw a large number of older citizens who voted last year and the younger voters did not complain when many people allowed the elderly to go first. Never give in, or give up. We are American citizens and have fought for that right. New citizens in America actually learned our history and voted without any “help” from the Dems.

  4. What Democraps are saying by voter Suppression is that they can’t CHEAT as freely as they have and want.

  5. It’s obvious since the 2020 elections and every time the Democrats get into power, that the only thing they know how to fix are elections, and when Republicans try to protect the process they are called racists.

  6. People need to turn off the fake news and start thinking for themselves. They are like lemming following the communist CCP NWO right over the cliff. I am digressing. Just because they were told, the are allowing an experimental drug be injected into their system, where it was admitted by bill gates that it WILL change your DNA, and it was stated that the true effects of this drug won’t be know for 3-6 months. Of course the media is silent about how many have died from this vaccine, and or how many have had severe irreversible reactions. It took 50 and 60 years to find a vaccine for aids and hepatitis C, so do you really think this vaccine is anything but experimental? This vaccine is using YOU as the guinea pig. – and gates and fauci stand to make billions from these vaccines.

    Do your homework on bill gates and the reason he is wanted in Italy for crimes against humanity. It involves him being responsible for providing thousands of vaccines to Africans that oh by the way left every one sterile. Did I mention that bill gates is a huge proponent of population control? – and that the NWO is pushing the reset which oh by the way is to get rid of certain areas of the population like the elderly who are a burden on the health care system. I could go on, but you need to stop listening to the fake news and start thinking for yourself. Once over that cliff, you can’t get back up.

  7. Isn’t there anyone in DC that has the courage to stand up for what is right and constitutional? Where are they? Our country is going down the drain and it is on your watch. Is that what you want? Come on, do what is right.

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