GOP Party Identifies Phone App That May ‘Manipulate Elections’

The Republican Party is concerned that a popular app on mobile phones could be used to “manipulate elections.”

The name of the app is TikTok and it is owned by a Chinese company and therefore subject to the control of the Chinese Communist Party.

“TikTok has become a popular forum for Americans—particularly younger Americans—to engage in political conversations,” wrote Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, and Marco Rubio in a letter to the FBI. “I’m greatly concerned that the CCP could use its control over TikTok to distort or manipulate these conversations to sow discord among Americans and to achieve its preferred political outcomes.”

The complete authoritarian rule of Chinese leadership and its history of acting in bad faith against the American people are raising the alarm about possible malfeasance with TikTok.

“Chinese government officials increasingly use Western social-media companies, including those banned in China, to flood global social media with propaganda and misinformation,” said the senators in their letter.

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