BREAKING: Here’s The Man Who SAVED Congress – GOP Issues Stunning Statement…

It’s not often you hear the GOP claiming that a liberal saved congress, but it’s been a wacky couple of years recently.

Senator Kevin Cramer, a Republican from North Dakota, recently appeared on Fox News to speak about West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, a Democrat, voting “no” on Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill.

And the man Manchin saved America from? I wouldn’t blame you for thinking Joe Biden, but Cramer insists that it was actually Chuck Schumer who needed to be brought down a peg.

Speaking to Fox’s Larry Kudlow, Cramer explained that he doesn’t ” think there’s any question that in the back of Chuck Schumer’s mind, with every move he makes, every vote he calls, he’s thinking about AOC and the possibility that she will run against him in a Democratic primary in New York. I do think that’s one of those pressure points I talked about earlier. Now, in addition to that, of course, he’s got a White House that’s tugging at him. He’s got Speaker Pelosi that’s pulling. They’re all — they’re all responding to those very same pressure points.”

“But it is — in my mind, what’s the — such a great tragedy about is that a once-great Democratic Party has become this bizarre socialist agenda, where they seem to be putting all the chips on the table this year while they have control of the House, the Senate and the White House.”

Cramer concluded by giving Manchin his due: “Thank God for Joe Manchin and others like him, but especially Joe Manchin, who is trying to save America and in the process may very well save the Democratic Party.”

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