Gavin Newsom Learns His Likely Opponent Is Raising Massive Amounts Of Money

The California governor has 99 problems but being unchallenged ain’t one.

A surprising report just revealed a likely challenger has already has $1 million dollars in the coffers. Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer has raised more than $1 million according to Fox News Channel.

“Throughout his time as mayor, [Faulconer]was known as the only big city Republican mayor in the country. And he was known as someone who could get things done,” said the former mayor’s spokesman. “He was the only mayor of a large city in California to reduce homelessness two years in a row. He made a pledge to pave over 500 miles of streets. He ended up paving over half the streets in the entire city in six-plus years. And did it all without raising taxes.”

Sounds like a new ind of California leader indeed. And the fact that he has already raised such high amounts could mean many in California are ready for a change from the slipper slope of ultra liberal progressivism.

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