Gavin Newsom Gets Bad News From California

The effort to remove Gavin Newsom has hit critical mass.

“The petition to recall California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom broke the 2 million signature mark, organizers announced on Thursday,” reported Fox News. “Petition organizers announced on Thursday that, as of Wednesday evening, the movement to pull the Golden State governor from his post had garnered over 2,060,000 signatures.”

The recall effort only needed 1.5 million signatures, but the organizers of the movement wanted to get more to make sure they got 1.5 million verified.

“We have cleared another milestone,” said Chairman of the California Patriot Coalition’s RecallGavin2020 Committee Orrin Heatlie. “Politics as usual in California are over as we know it to be.”

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12 Responses

    1. So…when is this jerk scheduled to leave office? And who is in line to step into his place as governor.? Can’t be anyone that is actually a whole lot better than Newsom. But at the very least this “recall of Newsom” by THE PEOPLE IN CALIFORNIA may be a serious “WAKE UP CALL” to some of the other members of DEMOWIT PARTY running California…or not.

  1. A Rogue Scholar but clueless on how to run a State! Goes down in history the worst governor taking it away from another idiot Jerry Brown!

    1. Well, THAT TRULY WOULD BE A WONDERFUL EVENT! But I seriously doubt that will happen. However, after stating that, I do feel that the people of CALIFORNIA have finally had their fill of THE FOUR FAMILIES…so “maybe” another surprise is in the works and thus just perhaps Pelosi could be next !!!

  2. NO California, Get rid of Pelosi, Swollow-well,Dianne Feinstein,Alex Padilla,Barbara Lee,Adam Schiff,Ted Lieu, Maxine Waters,Juan Vargas,Luis Correa,Mark Takano and a bunch of DemonRat Mayors and you might save your state.

  3. All of the good people in this country, who have a reasonable amount of common sense need to stand up now to put a stop to this nonsense that is sweeping our country. If our system of government is not to the liking of these crazy people trying to destroy this country, they should go and move to a country who already has a system of government that they want. The time for taking a stand is now, before we reach a point that we may never recover from. Don’t just say okay that’s fine if its not, find your voice and say NO !! that’s not right.

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