Fox New Host Reveals Stunning Change – Fans Shocked

Fox News host Tucker Carlson surprised his fans this week.

According to Breitbart News, Carlson blasted an “indictment on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the seemingly continuous change in the agency’s guidance throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Per Carlson:

So, you’ve got the COVID vaccine because they told you to get it or they forced you to get it because as Joe Biden himself explained, it was your patriotic duty to get it, to protect yourself and protect others. Good people do that and the only way we can stop the spread of this virus and return to normal life is by taking the vaccines.

If you get the shot, you can have hot dogs on the Fourth of July. Remember when he told you that?

So, you got the shot.

And now, surprise, surprise. They are demanding that even after you got the shot, you wear a mask again even when you’re outside. What’s going on here? Why are they saying this? There’s got to be some reason for it. We’ve been wondering all week. So yesterday, we asked the CDC to explain the reasoning behind it. They couldn’t tell us.

Carlson explained that the vaccine pushed isn’t actually working as they planned. “It turns out that the COVID vaccines, those wonder drugs that were absolutely perfect, that were more impressive than the moon landing, the drugs you were not allowed to question in any way don’t actually work in the way they told us they did,” said Carlson.

And he’s not wrong.

“Vaccinated people who got so-called breakthrough infections carried about the same amount of the coronavirus as those who did not get the shots,” notes a new report from the AP.

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