Former White House physician: Donald Trump may be suffering from “small strokes”

Rumors have been swirling wildly about the state Donald Trump’s health since his unscheduled visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center last weekend.

The White House released a memo in which Trump’s personal physician Dr. Sean Conley explained that Trump visited the hospital as a part of Trump’s “regular, primary preventative care.” The memo also indicated that the visit was included as a part of Trump’s annual physical, which will be completed in the coming months due to a “very busy 2020.”

However, former White House physician Dr. David Scheiner believes that there is a “neurological issues” were the cause of Trump’s unexpected hospital visit. 

Conley dismissed rumors of a more urgent health issue, saying that “primary preventative care is something that occurs continuously throughout the year, it is not just a single annual event,” and that the reason that the visit was kept off the memo was because of “scheduling conflicts.”

Scheiner doesn’t buy the White House’s explanation and said that “You don’t take a part of your physical one time and a month or two later take another part of your physical. I never heard of anything like that … And also, his physical for the kinds of things he needs, the whole thing could have been done at the White House. There was no reason.”

“I think he is someone who has some neurological issues, which no one has ever really addressed,” Scheiner continued. “I think it’s quite possible that his physician did not feel that he could handle it himself.”

“His inability to say words sometimes worries me tremendously. He is having trouble word-finding — when he said ‘united shush’ instead of the United States. These are words; these aren’t slips of the tongue. These are words; he can’t find them.”

The White House memo denied that any Trump was evaluated for any “specialized cardiac or neurologic” problems.

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