First Black Lt. Gov. Elected In North Carolina…And He’s A Republican

In a stunning victory, a pro-2nd Amendment black republican was just elected to lt. governor in North Carolina.

Mark Robinson first gained influence with a 2018 speech to a local city council making a plea for gun ownership rights.

That speech went viral and Robinson is now about to take the second highest elected position in North Carolina.

Robinson’s speech two years ago outlined the importance of the Second Amendment to all citizens, including people of color:

I didn’t have time to write a fancy speech. I didn’t have the resource of an English teacher to sit down and write a speech with at school today and be brought over here and practice or anything. What I really came down here for is this, I’ve heard a whole lot of people in here talking tonight about this group and that group, domestic violence and blacks, these minorities and that minority. What I want to know is, when are y’all going to start standing up for the majority? And here’s who the majority is–I’m the majority.”

According to Breitbart News, “Robinson won despite $2.5 million in opposition spending in the state by a Mike Bloomberg group.”

To read more about his shocking and inspirational victory, click here.

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