Fauci: Remdesivir will become ‘the standard of care’ for COVID-19

Foremost White House coronavirus expert Dr. Anthony Fauci confirmed on Wednesday that the development of antiviral drug remdesivir is “quite good news,” and that the drug will become “the standard of care” in the battle against COVID-19

Fauci — who has been very reluctant to endorse any specific treatment for coronavirus to this point — exhibited a surprising reversal of that skepticism after news broke that pharmaceutical giant Gilead had successfully shown improvement in coronavirus patients with the drug.

The clinical trial, initiated in early February, tested the experimental drug for safety and efficacy against COVID-19, and Fauci said that the results of the trial showed that coronavirus patients treated with the drug experienced shorter hospitalizations than those not treated with it.

He explained that patients improved 31 percent faster with the drug, and that “although a 31 percent improvement doesn’t seem like a knockout 100 percent, it is a very important proof of concept. What it has proven is that a drug can block this virus.”

A Chinese study recently found that Remdesivir was not effective in treating COVID-19, but Fauci dismissed the notion, calling the study “underpowered,” adding that “I don’t like to pooh-pooh other studies, but that’s not an adequate study and everybody in the field feels that.”

Remdesivir has not been approved for use against coronavirus as of yet, but the New York Times reported that the FDA is working overtime to grant an emergency use authorization so that doctors can prescribe the treatment for their COVID-19 patients.

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