BREAKING: Dr. Fauci’s DEADLY Secret Is Finally Out – America Is…

Representative Greg Murphy, a Republican from North Carolina, isn’t Fauci’s biggest fan.

Appearing on Fox News on December 29, Murphy tore into Fauci’s approach to COVID, and said that there are no two ways to slice it: Fauci is killing Americans.

Murphy agrees with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul that “Dr. Anthony Fauci has taken a one-dimensional approach to fighting the coronavirus and this outlook has cost lives.”

“We put all our efforts into vaccines, which was great,” Murphy said. “But, there are some people that can’t take vaccines. You look at some of the impoverished places in the world, 7% of the impoverished places of the world only are vaccinated. We’ve also been very, very, very wrong in not looking at repurposing drugs…that we could spread to poor countries in the world, everything has been Pfizer and Moderna as far as getting these vaccines out and we’ve not looked at an entire approach.”

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