Elizabeth Warren caught lying about role in Sondland confirmation

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has a tenuous relationship with the truth, as many Americans are well aware.

She was just caught falsely claiming in a new ad campaign that she has always objected to the “rewarding big donors with cushy ambassadorships,” specifically targeting Trump’s nomination and subsequent confirmation of Gordon Sondland in 2018.

The problem is, despite building the entire ad around claiming that she’s always objected to the awarding of these types of ambassadorships, records show that she has never once raised an objection to Sondland’s confirmation when she had the chance.

Warren says in the ad, released on Friday, “At the center of Donald Trump’s crimes and chaos is the millionaire donor he made an ambassador,” referring to the US ambassador to the EU.

“Republicans and Democrats have been rewarding big donors with cushy ambassadorships like this for years, It’s Washington corruption at its worst,” she continues.

“When I’m president that stops. I’m the only candidate running who has made this promise. I’ll never give ambassadorships to unqualified donors just because they wrote me fat checks.”

This is a point that Warren has repeatedly hammered, telling reporters on Sunday that “When he [Sondland] came through — I think most of these guys came through on consent — I objected to all of them.”

When pressed on how she actually voted during Sondland’s confirmation, Warren suddenly wasn’t so certain, but the record shows that the Senate voice vote confirmed Sondland unanimously — proving that Warren did not actually officially object to Sondland’s confirmation.

For that matter, as Fox News reports, “Warren also did not object to the confirmation of 11 other Trump ambassador nominations.”

As the Washington Examiner points out, by now, Warren has developed a signature pattern of misrepresenting her background in an attempt to appeal to voters, because her elitist background is anything but relatable to or representative of the vast majority of Americans.

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