Dr. Fauci Addresses Upward Trend In Certain States

Dr. Anthony Fauci expressed concern about increasing number of infections in certain states but said an “absolute shutdown” may not be necessary.

America’s top infectious disease expert told a panel in the House of Representatives that such a drastic measure may not be needed.

I wouldn’t necessarily say an absolute shut down lockdown, but if someone is going from [the] gateway to phase one to phase two and they get into trouble in phase two, they may need to go back to phase one,” Fauci said. “I don’t think they necessarily need to go back to lockdown.”

The numbers of persons infected by COVID have seen a sharp uptick in some states after reopening. The reason could be an increase in number of testing and efficiency in obtaining those results. Studies have shown coronavirus deaths have not increased.

To read more of Fauci’s comments, click here.

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