Donald Trump Puts Biden On Blast, Calls Him ‘Unhappy Warrior’

During the last days of the campaign, President Donald Trump is highlighting what he believes to be key differences between he and his opponent.

“He is the most unhappy warrior, I’ve ever seen, did you ever see it?” said Trump at an Iowa rally. “He’s agitated you know, he’s just angry and agitated and he doesn’t want to be there.”

Trump went on to note that Biden’s speeches are growing shorter and shorter as election days nears.

“I didn’t watch much of Biden’s speech, he made a little speech, little tiny, he does very short speeches,” said Trump. “Very short. Like the shortest speeches I’ve ever seen actually.”

Then Trump pointed out it could be that Biden is growing more and more frustrated.

“Now he’s starting to lose in the polls and it’s driving him crazy,” observed Trump. “So what does he do? He brings in Barack Hussein Obama and you know what happened to his attendance? It went down. His attendance went down!”

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