Donald Trump Learns Twitter Is Censoring Almost One-Third Of Tweets Since Election Day

A stunning report reveals the 34% of President Donald Trump’s tweets have been labeled or tagged by Twitter since the day of the election.

When a tweet has a label, notice, warning or other tag on it, it effectively lowers how many people see it and engagement with it which is real censorship to the audience who then does not see it.

“34 percent of tweets from President Donald Trump were marked as ‘disputed’ by the platform since election day in an effort to lessen their viral spread across the platform,” confirmed Breitbart News.

Twitter is allegedly the first platform to make public their statistic related to the election coverage:

Disclosing these figures makes Twitter the first major social media platform to publicly evaluate its performance around the 2020 election. Twitter, Facebook, and Google all previously faced criticism for their handling of the 2016 presidential election, now it appears that the companies are doing more to publicly appease critics.

From October 27 to Wednesday of this week, Twitter has labeled 300,000 tweets as “disputed,” warning readers that tweets could be misleading or false. Twitter restricted 456 of these messages preventing them from being shared or receiving likes or replies, an extreme measure applied to many of President Trump’s tweets.

It’s no surprise the top dogs at Twitter are against Donald Trump and free speech, but it should send a shiver down the spine of every red-blooded patriot that a global platform would boast about its intentional efforts to impact a free election in America.

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