Donald Trump Jr. Drops Bombshell About Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo may keep denying the many accusers, but both Democrats and Republicans alike are lining up to demand he be held accountable.

And now, I can add Donald Trump Jr. to the lift of names who are publicly calling out the Democrat Governor of New York.

“This guy was made a hero when he seems like he’s maybe the biggest predator in American politics today. And yet that’s what you get if you are a Democrat — You can get away with it,” said Trump Jr. “No one is going to hold you accountable. The media will give you an Emmy award while you are either sending Nana to her death or you are groping one of your staffers.”

And Trump Jr. is exactly right. The Democrats and media have revealed they care nothing about accountability unless it’s politically expedient.

“Andrew Cuomo will likely get away with it,” said Trump Jr.”Joe Biden won’t even comment on it.”

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4 Responses

  1. Why shocked, most sane Americans knew this. All DT Jr said was the truth. He IS a worthless POS and should be run out of town and state.

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