Donald Trump Gets Letter Of Endorsement From Over 800 Military Families

The President of the United States just got a shocking letter from the military. In fact, the letter is from over 800 families in the military.

The letter is a glowing endorsement of those military families’ loyalty and support for President Trump.

The letter, as reported by Breitbart News, states in part:

Mr. President, there are hundreds of thousands of military spouses in this country who are forced into the silent majority. But we do support you. We do not believe the lies and rumors that others try hard to spread. We stand tall with you.

The families said they wanted to send the message to Trump because “a false narrative has been perpetuated regarding the military community’s perception of its Commander in Chief.” The signatories wanted to emphasize that the media is incorrect and that “As conservative military Spouses, Veterans, and Family Members we refuse to remain silent in our ardent support for President Trump knowing that he holds the military community, of which we are a part, in great esteem.”

To read the full letter, click here.

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