Donald Trump Does It Again – Democrats In Shock

Donald Trump still has the magic touch.

His endorsement in a nationally watched election could be the difference between victory or defeat for the anti-Trump rep. Anthony Gonzalez.

It’s no secret that Trump wants revenge, but the unknown is whether Trump’s endorsement still carries enough clout to sway an election. What is clear is that Trump’s endorsement has kept other candidate from joining making the match up a one-on-one between Gonzalez and pro-Trump candidate Max Miller.

“Trump’s swift endorsement of Miller has, so far, kept other Republicans who might want to challenge Gonzalez, 36, out of the race,” reports Washington Examiner. “Party insiders are skeptical that will change, setting up a one-on-one contest between pro-Trump and anti-Trump candidates on track to reveal how much punch the former president has in GOP primaries post-White House.”

It appears to be working in Trump’s favor. “Gonzalez is on life support,” said one GOP pundit.

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