DOJ Will Release McCabe Text Messages

In a stunning development, the Department of Justice has announced that they will release the text messages of Andrew McCabe. The text messages will be related to his work at the FBI surrounding the Trump-Russia investigation.

McCabe was previously fired for misleading the DOJ inspector general.

“With respect to Mr. McCabe’s emails and texts … the FBI has completed supplemental searches for emails and texts potentially responsive to Plaintiff’s request but now the records must be scoped to identify specific records responsive to the request as the results from the search used broad terms that may have identified records outside the scope of Plaintiff’s request,” said the Justice Department in a court filing. “The text message search yielded approximately 150 ‘hits,’ but the FBI has not determined how many of those results, if any, are responsive to Plaintiff’s request. The FBI anticipates that the scoping of the records will be completed by August 28, 2020, and shortly after that time the FBI will be able to identify a page count and production schedule.”

The release will be pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch.

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