Democrats Reveal Hypocrisy By Being Against Huge Walls Before They Were For Them

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have spent the last for years accusing Donald Trump’s efforts to secure the southern border as being racist and xenophobic.

Walls are bad and send the wrong message to people, they said. We should be inviting people in, not blocking them out, they said.

But the times, they are a-changin. Just take a look at the Democrats’ actions in the capitol.

“You see the seven-foot fencing and it’s not barbed wire, apparently it’s razor wire …” said Rep. Nancy Mace, a Republican representative from South Carolina, “and here we have a Congress that doesn’t want to fund a border wall at our southern border, yet they want to fund fencing and keeping people out of our Capitol.”

Mace called out the Democrats for their obvious hypocrisy.

I think one of the frustrations we’ve seen — this is putting it lightly — that people have with Congress and with our nation’s capital is the hypocrisy and the way that we apply different policies or ideologies to our country.

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