Democrat Chris Murphy: Unconstitutionality of Trump’s Impeachment Not ‘Ridiculous’ Argument

In advancing the current impeachment trial, the Democrats have engaged in political theater and hijacked the halls of Congress for egregious self-indulgence.

And while most of the Democrat ilk gasp with feigned disgust at the suggestion that the trial is less than noble and that they lack the Constitutional authority to impeach a non-sitting president, at least one Democrat of influence is admitting the truth.

In response to Senator Rand Paul’s argument that there is no legal authority, Sen. Chris Murphy said “I admit this is of course a matter of first impression and so I don’t think the case that Senator Paul is making is a ridiculous one.”

Not ridiculous. It’s not a glowing recommendation or a smoking gun, but I’ll take it.

“I think we have this responsibility. But I — listen, I admit that Senator Paul’s case is, you know, not from outer space,” said Murphy.

Not from outer space. Thanks for the olive branch in this season of healing.

So while the rhetoric might not be as enthusiastic as I would prefer, the truth is still there.

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