Democrat Adam Schiff Exposes He Would Remove Electoral College

Rep. Adam Schiff just admitted he would remove a core tenet of the American democratic process.

“I would favor doing away with the Electoral College system,” said Schiff to tv host Bill Maher.

The comment from Schiff came after Maher asked what changes Schiff would make to the Constitution. His full response is as follows:

I think we’re better off focusing on discrete amendments to the Constitution to overturn Citizens United and make sure that we can have elections untampered or uninfluenced by excessive expenditures and dark money.

Honestly, I can’t imagine two less qualified people to be opining on changes to the United States Constitution than Maher and Schiff. But since they did, it’s worth noting that Schiff, who attempted to carry the mantle of justice during the sham that was Trump’s impeachment hearing, is now claiming he would do away with an entire facet of the electoral system set in place by the founding fathers.

What a joke.

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