Dems panicking about new data that shows Trump winning the minority vote

According to a report from Buzzfeed News, Democrats are “freaking out” that black Americans may be turning away from Democrat candidates and towards Donald Trump for 2020. 

This shocking turn of events may be due in large part to Trump’s base working hard to recruit the minority vote via online campaigns and organizations such as Blexit, a group of young African-American conservatives encouraging their peers to exit the Democrat party.

According to the report, the Democratic National Committee is “tracking a new set of loosely organized online movements that officials believe are trying to steer black voters away from the party or from voting altogether.”

“The groups are varied in their approach, but share a common thread of deep suspicion of the Democratic Party and an apparent determination to seize upon the hypersensitive political moment in a country with a deeply troubled racial past.”

Of course, Buzzfeed news (the same outlet responsible for the publishing of the unverified Steele Dossier in 2017) paints these groups as “fringe” promoters of “disinformation.”

This doesn’t change the fact that black Americans are fleeing the Democrat party at a record pace. Democrats have long taken the minority vote for granted, and they’re horrified to learn that their smear campaign against Trump has backfired in a spectacular fashion.

Recently, the billionaire founder of Black Entertainment Television, Robert Johnson, publically announced that he believes the 2020 election is Trump’s to lose, stating that “I do not see anybody in the Democratic primary race today that is enough in the center where I believe most of the voters are, and particularly where most African Americans are.”

To add insult to injury, a Rasmussen poll showed on November 22 that 34 percent of black Americans in the latest survey said they now support President Donald Trump. This is a stunning improvement from the 2016 election, in which Trump only garnered the support of 8 percent of black voters.

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