Clock Is Ticking On Democrat Seattle Mayor After Recent Ruling By Judge

Vocal liberal and Democrat mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, may be nearing the end of her time in office.

A petition to recall the mayor was recently approved by a Superior Court judge in King County. This allows the effort to remove Mayor Durkan from office to continue.

According to Breitbart News, “The Durkan petitioners’ recall effort accuses Durkan of ‘endanger(ing) the peace and safety of the community’ by allowing the police to ‘leak false information about fabricated crimes and threats to the media’ and putting a citywide curfew in place without giving advance notice to the public.”

However the mayor disputes the criticism.

The mayor “consistently has acted to protect the City’s public health and safety and to respect the constitutional rights to peaceful protesters,” said a spokesperson for Durkan in an official statement.

To read more about the possible removal of the Seattle mayor, click here.

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