China Prepared For Long Conflict Against US

The authoritarian, freedom-hating, communist regime of China is prepared for an extended battle against America over the sovereignty of the democratically governed Hong Kong.

In the official China media, an editorial stated clearly that “since China is determined to push forward the national security legislation for Hong Kong, it has been prepared for any possible reaction from the U.S.”

The communist propaganda piece continued by claiming China should be ready for a “long-term battle:”

Many Chinese people have realized that some U.S. politicians are seizing China by its throat. A long-term rivalry between China and the U.S. is inevitable. In the face of U.S. aggression, China should … be prepared to engage in a long-term battle with the U.S.

To read more about China’s communist party’s attempts to kill freedom within Hong Kong and to fight a prolonged battle against America, click here.

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