BREAKING: China LAUNCHES Warships – Full Alert For United States…

According to the Pentagon’s “2020 China Military Power Report,” China owns the biggest Navy in the world with about 350 surface ships and submarines, including over 130 major surface combatants.

Compare this to the United States, whose battle force is 293 ships.

Now it’s trying to expand its naval construction strength even more.

Three warships, two Type 054 frigates and an 071E LPD, were launched on December 23 near Shanghai.

The LPD previously made news in 2019 when Thailand ordered it, the first export contract for a ship of its class. The vessel can be used to deploy helicopters and is expected to perform patrol missions and “disaster relief operations.”

At least one of the frigates was ordered by Pakistand in either 2017 or 2018, one of four such ships that Pakistan is currently awaiting.

The model being delivered to Pakistan is the same type that China uses as the backbone of its naval force, owning 30 active service Type 054A frigates at the time of writing.

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