White House: Car manufacturers given the green light to begin producing ventilators

Calls for Trump to implement the recently activated Defense Production Act to combat medical equipment shortages have been answered.

A senior White House official confirmed on Sunday that Donald Trump gave Tesla, Ford, and General Motors the “go-ahead” to begin mass-producing ventilators to get ahead of the projected shortage. 

The move was made “to ensure that the necessary authorities will be available to prioritize production of items under government contracts and to allocate scarce items where they are needed most,” the official disclosed.

Though Trump invoked the Korean war-era DPA on Wednesday to fill gaps in the supply chain, the private sector began mobilizing before the order was set in motion.

Another White House official described the private sector’s mobilization as “overwhelming” and “faster than anyone thought possible.”

Trump tweeted on Sunday, “Ford, General Motors and Tesla are being given the go ahead to make ventilators and other metal products, FAST! @fema Go for it auto execs, lets see how good you are?”

Ford, GM, and Tesla have not yet provided details about their plan for how many ventilators they will produce and how they will be distributed.

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