Brian Stelter SAVAGED By CNN Exec On Live Television

CNN’s Brian Stelter, host of the ironically named show “Reliable Source” brought on former CNN executive Rick Davis to get some wisdom from the outgoing TV legend.

But it didn’t go as planned for Stelter.

The outgoing CNN vice president of standards and practices told Stelter “I think you need to strive to have more voices on the show from right of center.” Oops. Stelter was stunned and forced to just nod along.

But Davis wasn’t finished.

“Responsible voices from right of center on the show,” said Davis. “And occasionally, when you can, you want to have some newsmakers on who can express to you how they feel about the media, particularly if they feel like the media got it wrong.”

Of course, Stelter has never admitted to getting anything wrong even when he took the bait for the Russia hoax for years.

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