BREAKING: White House Goes Down – Voters In Shock

The fallout from Joe Biden’s epic failure continues.

According to several mainstream media reports, the White House is “currently overwhelmed by the Afghanistan crisis.”

This comes while Biden is allegedly trying to deal with “the southern border crisis, debt limit crisis, and an uncompromising infrastructure fight on Capitol Hill,” according to Breitbart News.

“Yet with this intraparty battle brewing, the president and top White House officials are currently overwhelmed by the Afghanistan crisis,” writes Punchbowl News. “That’s not surprising, considering the gravity of what’s transpiring in Kabul and throughout Afghanistan. But for Biden and his senior staff, the timing of this foreign policy disaster couldn’t occur at a worse time.”

Democrat lawmakers as well as GOP members of Congress are calling out Biden for his unprecedented and devastating mistake. Only time will tell if we can salvage the cost in American lives.

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10 Responses

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  4. Biden and Harris should be immediately arrested and tried in the International Community for creating Government Policy, Over Seeing and Condoning wide spread systemic practice resulting in Crimes Against Humanity at the US Southern Border and Afghanistan!

    1. Fubar,
      Why stop with just Them? The whole corrupt “deep state” cabal are running the country. biden and the “HO” are only “figureheads” that are doing what they are told to do, and saying what they are told to say. This is what happens when rampant voter fraud is “allowed”, and you end up with two communist chinese bought and owned controllable “puppets” infesting OUR oval office and white house(as well as many in CON-gress that were ‘elected” in the same manner.

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