BREAKING: Trump Is OUT – Fans Stunned

Former President Donald Trump’s July 4th rally in Alabama is cancelled and the person responsible has Trump fans furious.

According to Breitbart News, “Allies of former President Donald Trump are blaming Gov. Kay Ivey for the cancellation of his scheduled Independence Day rally in Mobile, asserting her office effectively ‘blocked the people of Alabama from seeing their favorite president,’ using bureaucratic nonsense as an excuse.”

“After the request was made, then there was contact with the Republican Party, they contacted us and then it became apparent that it was going to be a partisan political event, rather than just a patriotic event planned for that evening,” said commission chairman Bill Tunnell.

But the people within Trump’s camp aren’t buying that.

Per Breitbart, “Trump allies, meanwhile, are rejecting the commission’s excuse, placing the blame squarely on the governor. A source close to the former president told Breitbart News that the governor appointed the battleship commission and asserted all explanations of the cancellation lead back to her office.”

“The governor appointed the battleship commission,” said a Breitbart source. “Her chief of staff is a former congressman from Mobile. The AG said blocking Trump because it was a ‘partisan political event’ didn’t apply because Trump isn’t a candidate for office.”

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10 Responses

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  3. She must be another TDR governor. Will they ever learn that the American public does not agree with their liberal tactics.

  4. The more he gets attacked, the more “We the People” support him and the more popular he becomes! Stupid Governor!

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