BREAKING: Traitors Just Discovered In Congress – Voters FUMING

It’s surprising that anyone would support President Biden’s radical agenda, but the fact that thirteen House Republicans are now supporting this outlandish infrastructure bill is astonishing.

“Thirteen establishment House Republicans are facing backlash for enabling President Joe Biden’s infrastructure agenda, including the far-left’s reconciliation package,” reported Breitbart News.

13 Republicans voted to pass Biden’s infrastructure bill sending the massive tax and spend package into the process of reconciliation.

“If the 13 Republicans had not voted for the infrastructure bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would not have had enough Democrat votes to pass the bill,” reported Breitbart News.

Kambree called them “spineless” and said “get them out, all of them.”

Raymond Arroyo tweeted a list of the 13 republicans who helped pass the radical agenda.

To read more about the backlash, click here.

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6 Responses

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  4. It is hard to express my contempt for these cowardly, traitorous “Republicans” who voted for this bill, without getting SO obscene that this site’s censors would censor my post!! The conniving Demmunists would not get away with HALF the radical things they try to do to us, if a bunch of clueless RINOs did not throw in and vote WITH them to HELP THEM DO IT!

    The American people have NO protection at ALL from the conniving Dems and their RADICAL leftist agenda for this country, when their so-called “opposition” votes in lockstep with them, no matter WHAT anti-liberty, anti-American CRAP they are trying to run through Congress. SMH.

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